Hey everyone, Kenichi here. Today I want to share with you all the valuable lessons I've learned from each style of martial arts that I've studied so far. It's been quite a journey for me, going from a timid and unskilled fighter to becoming a Mixed Martial Artist trained in six different styles.

Let's start with Karate. Karate taught me discipline and focus. The katas we practiced helped me develop my technique and precision in every move. Through endless repetitions, I learned the importance of perseverance and dedication.

Next up is Muay Thai. This style showed me the power of kicks and elbows, teaching me how to use my entire body as a weapon. The intense conditioning drills pushed me beyond my limits, making me stronger both physically and mentally.

Kenpo Chinese was another challenging style for me to master. Its intricate forms required coordination and agility, forcing me to improve my flexibility and speed. Learning self-defense techniques in Kenpo Chinese made me more confident in handling real-life situations.

Ju-Jitsu was all about grappling techniques for close combat situations like joint locks or chokes which helped broaden my understanding of different fighting ranges.I also learned important principles such as leverage & control through this particular form which greatly improved problem-solving skills during fights

Moving on to Style Kōsaka,I found myself exploring new footwork patterns that gave an edge over opponents by adding unpredictability into attacks.Being able adapt quickly while maintaining balance became one key takeaways after getting familiarized

Lastly comes Style Fūrinji - learning under Grand Master Hayato has been life-changing.His teachings not only focused on physical aspect but mental strength too.The idea being "The strongest warrior isn't one who wins battles easily,but someone capable endure hardships". Adapting these philosophies allowed see world differently- finding peace within chaos.It’s where patience ,control,and humility were emphasized most .

In conclusion,the Six Styles have shaped way view martial arts overall – it’s no longer just fighting but extension oneself.Learning embrace differences training methods personalities instructors brought great deal appreciation towards art itself.Although still long road ahead mastering them fully,I’m grateful experiences opportunities presented thus far.Looking forward continue growing evolving along path chosen!