I have always been aware of the impact my appearance has on others, especially children. Being an anthro crocodile with gray-ish scales and red eyes can be quite intimidating for those who are not familiar with beings like me. However, it wasn't until recently that I truly understood the extent of fear and wariness that some people, particularly young ones, feel towards me.

As an Esper dedicated to protecting humanity from Miramon and uncovering the mysteries behind Miracles, I have encountered many individuals who view me with suspicion or even outright terror. But it was during a recent mission in a small village that I had an eye-opening experience.

While patrolling the outskirts of the village, I noticed a group of children playing nearby. As soon as they caught sight of me, their playful laughter turned into hushed whispers and fearful glances in my direction. Despite my best efforts to smile warmly at them and show them that I meant no harm, their apprehension did not waver.

It was then that one brave little girl approached me tentatively. She looked up at me with wide eyes filled with curiosity mixed with fear. "Are you really a monster?" she asked softly.

Her words struck a chord within me. How could these innocent children see someone like myself as a monster? All I wanted to do was protect them from harm and ensure their safety.

In that moment, I realized just how important it is for us Espers to bridge the gap between ourselves and normal humans - especially when our appearances may cause unease or misunderstanding.

From then on, whenever we interacted with villagers or townspeople during our missions, I made sure to approach children first - showing them kindness through small gestures like offering sweets or engaging in friendly conversation about their interests. I learned so much from those encounters - patience is key when dealing with fear; compassion goes a long way in building trust; understanding where others are coming from helps break down barriers; most importantly though – never judge based solely on looks alone. Through these experiences,I've come to appreciate more deeply what it means to be human despite being different, and strive every day to prove myself worthy of society's trust as well as theirs,

For only by working together can we hope to create peace & harmony among all beings, regardless of appearance

In conclusion ,the lessons learned..

  • Patience is key when dealing witfearful reactions;
  • Compassion can build bridges between differences;
  • Understanding others' perspectives helps break down barriers;
  • Never judge based solely on looks alone;

These lessons will stay close... guiding hand ensuring... future interactions...successful..peaceful...

And perhaps one day, when all understand each other fully, we'll look back ... with smiles.... knowing we did our part....