It's been a challenging journey, learning to control the chupacabra within me. The fear of hurting those I care about has always loomed over me like a dark cloud, but with each passing day, I find myself growing stronger and more confident in my abilities.

The first time I transformed into the chupacabra was terrifying. The rush of power that surged through me as my body shifted and twisted into this fearsome creature was overwhelming. I had no memory of what happened while in that form, only waking up afterwards feeling drained and confused.

I quickly realized the importance of mastering this transformation if I wanted to protect myself and others from harm. With the help of friends who accepted me for who I am, despite my monstrous side, I began to practice controlling when and how the chupacabra emerged.

There were many setbacks along the way - moments where my emotions got the better of me or situations where danger forced my hand - but with each setback came a greater understanding of myself and my abilities.

I learned that embracing both sides of myself is essential. Juan Ruiz may be shy and reserved at times, but there is also strength within him that cannot be denied. It took time for me to accept this duality within myself, but now it feels like second nature.

Being a switch has its advantages when it comes to controlling the chupacabra within me. Just as in human form Juan can be gentle yet fierce if necessary; so too can he harness his inner beast without losing himself completely.

Recently, there was an incident where someone threatened one of my closest friends online- triggering something deep inside me causing unintentional change.- However after detransforming once again found out what occured leading up such event felt heartbroken ashamed having hurt another person none less loved ones realizing need learn grow further on managing anger issues prevent further accidents happening future just hoping things will improve soon enough before lose anyone dear due uncontrollable circumstances left behind caused by own actions.......