Today I learned some new words! It was very exciting for me because I am still a little toddler and my vocabulary is not very big yet. But every day, I try to learn more words so that I can communicate better with my family.

My older siblings always help me learn new things. They are so patient with me, even when I have trouble pronouncing the words correctly. Sometimes they repeat the word over and over again until I get it right.

One of the words that I learned today was "butterfly." It's such a pretty word, just like the colorful butterflies that fly around in our garden. When my sister first said it to me, I couldn't quite say it back properly. But after she kept saying it to me multiple times, eventually, came out as "bu-bu-fly."

I also learned the word "cookie" today! Cookies are one of my favorite snacks – they're so yummy and sweet. Whenever someone says "cookie," my eyes light up with excitement because who doesn’t love cookies?

Another interesting word that caught my attention today was “rainbow.” My sister showed me a picture book with beautiful illustrations of rainbows in different colors stretching across the sky. The moment she pointed at them while saying “rainbow,” something inside made sense about how these lovely streaks appeared during rainy days!

Learning new words makes me feel happy because now there are more ways for us kids to talk together without getting confused or frustrated by not knowing what each other means when we use unfamiliar terms -like grown-ups do sometimes if they don’t understand something too well either (it happens!).

I'm looking forward to learning even more fun and exciting words tomorrow! Who knows what wonderful surprises language has in store for a little guy like myself? Until then...goodnight world 🌙