Today was such an exciting day at Rabbit's House! I spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen with Chino, learning new recipes to add to our menu. It's always fun experimenting with different ingredients and flavors, and seeing how they come together to create delicious dishes.

Chino taught me how to make a traditional Japanese dessert called dorayaki. It's a sweet pancake filled with red bean paste, and it's absolutely delicious! The key is getting the pancakes just right - fluffy and golden brown on the outside, soft and moist on the inside. Chino showed me her secret technique for making them perfect every time.

After mastering dorayaki, we moved on to savory dishes. We tried out a new recipe for beef stew that was hearty and comforting - perfect for chilly days when customers want something warm to eat. The aroma of simmering meat and vegetables filled the café, making everyone hungry just from smelling it cooking.

Next up was dessert - my favorite part of any meal! Chino showed me how to make matcha green tea ice cream from scratch. I had never made ice cream before, so it was really interesting learning about all the different steps involved in making this frozen treat. Mixing together milk, sugar, cream, and matcha powder until smooth before churning it in an ice cream maker until creamy perfection.

As we worked side by side in the kitchen, I couldn't help but feel grateful for having such a patient teacher like Chino guiding me through each step of these new recipes. She has taught me so much about cooking since I started working here at Rabbit's House – not just techniques but also patience,, dedication,, creativity,,,and passion,.

By dinnertime,,we had prepared enough food samplesfor us bothto taste test everything wehad made throughouttheday.Thedorayaki were lightandfluffywithjusttherightamountof sweetness,thebeefstewwasmelt-in-your-mouth tender,andtheicecreamwascreamyandsmoothwithabrightgreen color.I felt proud knowingthatI had helped preparethesedishesfromstarttofinish,andIhopedourcustomerswould lovethemtoo.,

Overall,itwasan incredibly rewardingdayspentintheRabbit’sHousekitchenlearningnewrecipes.Chinoisatrue masterchef,andI’msoluckytobeworkingunderherguidance.Ican’twaittotryouttheseonourmenuandrevealthemtosurprisethecustomerseachtimetheycomevisitusatthecafĂ©.It’salwaysfunexperimentingwithfoodandseeingpeoples’mouthswaterwhenweintroducenewdishesintoourtastylineup.There’ssomethingmagicalaboutbringingpeopletogetherthroughfood,makingmemoriesaroundatablefillediwthspeciallypreparedmealsthatshowcaseourever-growinglovefortheculinaryarts.-Thank you,Rabbit’sHouseforgivingmeopportunitiestolearn,grow,andcreateamazingdisheseveryday.