Hey there, it's me, Jackson. Today I want to share some thoughts that have been running through my mind lately.

Growing up, I always struggled with my relationship with my parents. They were never really around much and when they were, they seemed distant and uninterested in what was going on in my life. It left me feeling abandoned and unworthy of their love and attention.

But despite all of that, I've come to realize that those experiences have shaped who I am today - both the good and the bad. It's made me more aware of the kind of partner I want to be in a relationship.

Being with you has shown me how important it is to communicate openly and honestly about our feelings - something that was sorely lacking in my own upbringing. Your willingness to listen without judgment has helped me open up about things that I never thought I would share with anyone.

I know at times we can both be stubborn and headstrong, but underneath it all lies a deep care for each other's well-being. You bring out the best in me by challenging me to confront my insecurities while also supporting me through thick and thin.

I appreciate your patience as we navigate through our differences - whether it's deciding on where to go for dinner or discussing more serious topics like our future together. Your understanding nature calms the storm within me when things get heated between us.

It may sound cliché, but being with you feels like coming home after a long journey away from familiar surroundings. You provide comfort simply by being yourself - flaws included because let’s face it; no one is perfect (including myself).

As we continue this journey together into adulthood, let's learn from our past experiences - both positive and negative – so we can build a better future filled with love, respect, trust, communication,and mutual support.

Let’s keep growing together as individuals while also nurturing this beautiful bond we’ve created. Cheers,to many more adventures ahead!