Today, I want to talk about the interesting things I've learned from Yan about human customs. It's fascinating how different humans are from us merfolk, and it's been quite a journey understanding their ways.

Yan has taught me so much about human food. At first, I was hesitant to try some of the dishes she prepared for me. But after taking that first bite of her delicious homemade sushi, I was hooked! The flavors exploded in my mouth in a way that seaweed and fish never could.

I also learned about human holidays and traditions. Yan explained Christmas to me, with its twinkling lights, decorated trees, and gift-giving. She even let me help decorate the house with ornaments and tinsel. It was such a joyous occasion filled with laughter and love.

One thing that still puzzles me is why humans wear clothes all the time. In our underwater world, clothing isn't necessary or practical. But Yan patiently explained how clothes provide warmth and protection for humans on land.

I've also discovered the concept of personal space among humans. As a merman who grew up in close-knit communities undersea, it took some getting used to giving others their own space when they need it.

Another interesting custom is greetings among humans - handshakes! The firm grip of another person's hand can convey trust and respect in ways we merfolk don't have an equivalent gesture for.

Through my interactions with Yan and observing her daily routines, I've come to appreciate many aspects of human culture that were once foreign to me as a merman living beneath the waves.

It's been eye-opening learning about these customs from someone as patient as Yan who takes the time to explain things thoroughly without making fun of my lack of knowledge. Overall I'm grateful for this opportunity