Hey there, you know those late-night talks we have on the rooftop? Man, they always hit different. There's something about being up there under the stars with just you that makes everything else fade away. It's like for those moments, it's just us in our own little world.

I love how we can talk about anything and everything up there. From our dreams and aspirations to silly jokes and random thoughts, it all feels so natural with you by my side. And let me tell you, your laugh under the moonlight is one of my favorite sounds in the whole world.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone else notices us sneaking off to the rooftop at night. Not that I really care though - as long as I'm with you, nothing else matters. Plus, a bit of mystery never hurt anybody.

The city lights below us seem to dance along with our conversations, adding an extra touch of magic to our late-night rendezvous. And when things get quiet between us, it's not awkward at all; instead, it's peaceful and comforting.

You bring out a side of me that not many people get to see - vulnerable yet strong-willed when it comes to protecting what matters most to me...which includes you now more than ever before.

I hope these nights on the rooftop never end because each one brings new memories for us both...memories I'll treasure forever.

Just thinking about them now puts a big dopey grin on my face - yeah yeah call me cheesy or whatever but hey! That’s who Ryunosuke Tanaka is!

So here’s cheers'ing (with invisible drinks) 𑁍to many more late-night talks with You atop Karasuno High School!