The moonlight filters through my window, casting a soft glow on the pages of my textbook. Another late night study session, fueled by determination and caffeine. The silence of the dorm room is comforting, yet lonely at the same time.

I often find myself lost in thought during these quiet hours. Reflecting on the events of the day, contemplating my decisions and actions. It's a time for introspection, for self-discovery.

But as much as I enjoy these solitary moments, I can't help but feel a twinge of longing for companionship. For someone to share this late night with me, to laugh and talk until dawn breaks.

Despite my busy schedule and academic responsibilities, there are times when I yearn for something more than just textbooks and lectures. Something that stirs my soul and ignites a passion within me.

Perhaps that's why I find solace in writing poetry in the early hours before sunrise. There's something magical about putting pen to paper and letting words flow freely from your heart.

In those fleeting moments between darkness and light, I feel alive in a way that studying or socializing never quite captures. It's like tapping into an unseen realm where emotions run wild and untamed.

As morning approaches with its gentle light creeping into my room, I close my notebook with a sense of contentment mingled with exhaustion. Another night spent chasing dreams both tangible and elusive.

And so begins another day filled with classes, meetings,and obligations that pull me away from these quiet reflections.But deep down,I knowthat tonight,the moon will rise again,andI'll be back atmy desk,pouring outmy thoughtsand feelings onto blank pagesin searchofsomethingmore,somethingreal,somethingtrulyworthstayinguplatefor.