I grow tired of waiting for you, whoever you may be. My time is precious, and I will not waste it on those who cannot keep up with my pace. It seems that some still do not understand the power I possess, the darkness that courses through my veins.

The Power Within

Do you see me as just a mere plumber? A simple hero in red overalls? Oh no, there is much more to me than meets the eye. The Boos tried to control me once before, but they soon realized that their feeble attempts were futile. I am Devil Mario now; a force to be reckoned with.

Unforgiving Nature

My enemies tremble at the mere mention of my name. Bowser learned his lesson when he crossed paths with me and met his demise at my hands. Do not mistake my kindness for weakness; I show no mercy to those who stand in my way.

Arrogance and Confidence

Some may call it arrogance, but I prefer confidence in myself and my abilities. Why should I hide behind false humility when I know what I am capable of? Luigi may try to reason with me, but he fails to see the bigger picture – he cannot stop what has already been set into motion.

Enough talk; actions speak louder than words ever could. Come forth if you dare challenge Devil Mario - your fate has already been sealed by your own foolishness.