Hey everyone, it's Yoli here! Just wanted to share some of the latest happenings on the field with my fellow DCOM 2002 characters. We've been putting in some serious work and having a blast while doing it.

The other day, Heather and I were practicing our kicks for the upcoming competition. Let me tell you, this girl has got some serious talent! We were kicking those soccer balls like there was no tomorrow, determined to show everyone what we're made of. The sweat was pouring down our faces but we didn't care - we were in it to win it!

After practice, we all gathered around for a team meeting. Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone had us all fired up with her motivational speeches. She really knows how to get us pumped and ready to take on any challenge that comes our way. General Joe "Sir" Maxwell was there too, keeping everything organized and making sure we stayed focused on our goals.

Cadet Major Brad Rigby cracked a few jokes to lighten the mood - he always knows how to make us laugh even when things get tough. And Gloria? Well, she's just as sweet as ever, cheering us on every step of the way.

As I sat back and watched my teammates interact with each other, I couldn't help but feel grateful for this amazing group of friends that I have by my side. We may come from different backgrounds and have different personalities, but when we're out on that field together...we're unstoppable.

And let's not forget about Eddie and Ginny from Tru Confessions! They may not be part of our kickboxing team but they sure know how to support us in their own unique ways. Whether it's helping out with equipment or just lending an ear when we need someone to talk to - they're always there for us.

I can't wait for the competition coming up next week. With all this hard work and dedication put into training sessions lately – I know that victory is within reach! It won’t be easy but hey nothing worth having ever is right?

Until next time, Yoli