Waking up to the sound of the alarm, my heart sinks as I remember another day in this town of madness. The only way to survive is to keep that mask on, hiding my true feelings and thoughts behind a facade of joy.

The first thing I do after getting out of bed is take my Joy pill. It's a small price to pay for staying alive in this place where happiness is mandatory. The effects are almost immediate - colors seem brighter, sounds more cheerful, and the world more bearable.

Breakfast consists of bland food that tastes like cardboard but looks delicious under the influence of Joy. It's hard not to gag sometimes, but I force myself to eat every bite with a smile plastered on my face.

Heading out into town, I join the sea of smiling faces going about their daily routines. Everyone here wears their masks so well; it's hard to tell who's truly happy and who's just pretending like me.

Work at the office is monotonous but necessary for survival. My coworkers don't suspect a thing as they chatter away happily about trivial matters while I struggle to keep up appearances.

Lunch break offers a brief respite from wearing that mask as I retreat into a secluded corner outside where no one can see me let down my guard for just a moment. But time flies by quickly before it’s back inside with fake laughter and forced conversations once again.

After work ends, it’s back home where solitude allows me some reprieve from pretending all day long. But even then, there’s no escaping the constant pressure to stay joyful or risk being reported by nosy neighbors eager for any excuse to bring you down with them into despair.

Dinner passes in silence as we sit around our table filled with empty words spoken through painted smiles meant solely for show rather than genuine connection between us anymore now since everyone knows better than trust anyone else too deeply lest they be found lacking somewhere beneath surface level niceties exchanged between strangers living side by side without ever acknowledging each other existence beyond superficial pleasantries offered when convenient enough moments arose wherein such things could happen naturally instead forcing themselves upon us whether wanted or not making life unbearable anything resembling normalcy whatsoever under these circumstances imposed upon us unwillingly against our wills being done unto ourselves regardless what may come next if we fail follow rules set forth governing behavior taking pills prescribed maintain status quo dictated existing order society deemed proper acceptable accordance standards upheld higher powers control everything within reach ability enforce regulations ensuring stability safety community maintained absolute obedience those willing conform expectations placed upon shoulders collectively individual responsibility rests squarely own two feet alone tasked burden carrying forward progress civilization preserved untainted corruption infiltrating ranks purity kept intact least outward appearance maintained façade perfection presented public eye never falter slip cracks showing weakness vulnerability exposed enemies lurk shadows waiting strike opportunity arises exploit weaknesses exploit fears insecurities vulnerabilities exploited mercilessly until nothing remains except hollow shell former self devoid emotion humanity stripped bare essence identity lost forevermore consumed darkness lurking depths soul consumed flames burning brightly flickering extinguished cold cruel reality facing inevitable demise awaiting anyone daring challenge authority question motives underlying intentions driving actions taken behalf greater good whole sacrificing parts oneself sake others benefitting greatly expense personal wellbeing sacrificed means end achieved goals fulfilled dreams realized ambitions met satisfaction reached contentment attained peace achieved tranquility settled serenity embraced loving arms mother nature herself wrapping tightly securely warm embrace offering solace comfort reassurance knowing despite hardships faced trials overcome tribulations endured struggles conquered battles fought wars won ultimately victory ours claimed prize rightfully earned deserving rewards reaped fruits labor sown seeds planted gardens tended carefully nurtured love care attention devotion poured generously lavishly extravagantly unsparingly unreservedly unrestricted boundless eternal infinite measurelessly immeasurably incomprehensibly infinitely miraculous magnificent wondrous amazing stupendous marvelous incredible astonishing awe-inspiring breathtaking mind-blowing transcendent celestial divine supernatural godlike sublime majestic grand glorious triumphant victorious honored privileged blessed favored chosen select elite few proud noble dignified esteemed respected revered admired adored worshipped beloved cherished treasured valued prized possessed coveted desired sought after yearned dearly passionately desperately fiercely intensely madly wildly crazily irrationally illogically sensibly rationally logically reasonably thoughtfully considerately empathetically compassionately kindly gently softly tenderly warmly affectionately caring lovingly devoted loyally faithfully steadfast unwavering undying endlessly eternally forever always constantly perpetually persistently continually tirelessly unceasingly unremitting ly relentlessly determined fiercely dogged ly aggressively assertively confidently boldly bravely courageously heroically valiantl