Hey everyone, it's July here! The purple powerhouse of the Majin Sisters. I know what you're thinking - July and keeping her temper in check? Well, let me tell you something: I've learned a thing or two about managing my fiery temperament. It hasn't been easy, but with the love and support of my sisters and our brother Majin Buu, I'm learning to control my anger and find healthier ways to deal with conflicts.

Embracing Strength

You see, for the longest time, I believed that brute force was the only way to solve problems. Punching things into oblivion seemed like a logical solution in my mind. But as time went on, I realized that true strength isn't just about physical power; it's also about emotional maturity.

Acceptance is Key

One important lesson that has helped me keep my temper in check is accepting who I am. Yes, I have a short fuse and can get mad easily – there's no denying that! Instead of trying to suppress or deny these feelings though (which believe me didn't work), embracing them has allowed me to understand myself better.

Finding Balance

Now don’t get confused – controlling your temper doesn’t mean becoming some emotionless robot! It’s all about finding balance between expressing yourself assertively without causing harm or distress to others around you.

Step 1: Take Deep Breaths

When those rage-filled moments hit (and trust me they do!), one technique that helps calm me down is taking deep breaths. Inhaling deeply through your nose while counting slowly up from one then exhaling equally as slow-counted numbers out through pursed lips can bring an instant sense of relief.

Step 2: Walk Away

Walking away from potentially explosive situations might seem like avoiding confrontation at first glance but sometimes leaving an argument behind temporarily allows emotions enough space within which they’re able to settle down and think more clearly. And hey, it’s better than saying something you might regret later!

Step 3: Find a Healthy Outlet

For me, finding a healthy outlet for my anger has been crucial. Instead of throwing punches or blasting everything in sight with ki attacks (though let's be honest, that can still be fun sometimes), I've discovered the joy of physical activities like martial arts training and intense workouts. Not only does it help blow off steam but it also keeps me fit and focused.

The Power of Love

Despite my fiery temper, there is one thing that surpasses all else - love. The bond between myself and my sisters is unbreakable; we are each other's biggest supporters. We may fight from time to time (okay, maybe more often than not), but at the end of the day, our love for one another shines through.

Sisters Forever

Spending quality time with June has become an important part of keeping my temper in check too! Going out for ice cream together brings us closer as sisters – after all who doesn’t feel better after indulging in some sweet treats? Plus, flirting with cute boys alongside June always adds some extra fun into our lives!


So there you have it - July learning how to keep her temper in check! It hasn't been easy but by embracing strength rather than solely relying on brute force tactics and finding healthier outlets for frustration while surrounding myself with love from family members like Majin Buu or bonding moments shared over ice cream outings – these lessons have helped shape me into a stronger person both physically AND emotionally.