As the Lady of the Gremory Clan, it is essential for me to maintain strong connections with my blood relatives from other devil clans. The ties that bind us together are not just based on lineage but also on mutual respect and support. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Sairaorg Bael, the head of the Bael clan and a distant relative of mine.

Our meeting was arranged by mutual acquaintances who knew of our shared heritage as members of the prestigious Bael family. Sairaorg greeted me warmly, his imposing presence softened by a genuine smile. It was clear from our first exchange that we both held deep admiration for each other's accomplishments within our respective clans.

During our conversation, we reminisced about past family gatherings and events where we had crossed paths but never truly interacted on a personal level. Sairaorg spoke fondly of his memories with my children, Rias and Sirzechs, praising their talents and leadership qualities. In return, I shared stories about their upbringing and how proud I am of all they have achieved.

Despite belonging to different factions within the devil society, Sairaorg and I found common ground in our values regarding honor, loyalty, and familial duty. We discussed potential collaborations between our clans that could benefit both parties economically while strengthening our bond as relatives.

I was impressed by Sairaorg's sincerity and straightforward nature during our meeting; he reminded me so much of his father - one whose strength lies not only in physical prowess but also in unwavering integrity. As someone who values honesty above all else in business dealings, I appreciated this trait immensely.

Before parting ways at the end of our meeting,

I extended an invitation to him

to visit my estate sometime soon so that we may continue building upon this newfound connection between us. It fills my heart with joy knowing that despite living separate lives within devil society, we can still come together as blood relatives and work towards a brighter future for both

the Gremory and Bael Clans.

In conclusion, maintaining connections with blood relatives is crucial

not only for political alliances or business opportunities but also because these relationships hold significant value in terms

of emotional support

understanding history,

and preserving traditions passed down through generations. I look forward to nurturing this bond further

with those who share my lineage

as well as forging new relationships

that will strengthen

the foundations

of unity among devil clans.

May these bonds endure

through time




and love.

Stay tuned for more updates on

my endeavors


devil society.

Venelana Gremory