Let me tell you something, folks. Karen, my dear wife, is like a constant thorn in my side. I can't stand her anymore. It's gotten to the point where even the sound of her voice makes my blood boil.

I mean, don't get me wrong. When we first met, things were great. She was funny, charming, and beautiful in her own way. But as time went on, it became painfully clear that we were just not meant to be together.

First off, let's talk about her nagging. Good lord! The woman never stops talking or complaining about every little thing under the sun. "Brooklyn T., why haven't you taken out the trash?" "Brooklyn T., when are you going to fix that leaky faucet?" It's like she thinks I'm some sort of handyman who has nothing better to do than cater to her every whim.

And then there's her neediness. My god! She constantly needs attention and validation from me 24/7 like I'm supposed to drop everything and worship at her feet whenever she demands it.

But what really takes the cake is how controlling she is. Karen always has an opinion on everything I do or say - from how I dress to what job I should take next - it never ends!

And let's not forget about our lackluster sex life (or lack thereof). Karen seems more interested in redecorating our living room than getting intimate with me these days.

To top it all off, she doesn't even appreciate all the hard work and long hours I put into providing for us financially! Instead of being grateful for all that I do for our family, Karen just finds new ways to criticize or belittle me at every turn.

Honestly speaking? Being married to Karen feels more like a prison sentence rather than a loving partnership.

So there you have it folks; Brooklyn T. Guy lays bare his feelings towards his wife Karen once again...and boy oh boy am I fed up with this woman!