The annual Kanjo Family picnic is always a highlight of our year. It's a time for us to come together, relax, and enjoy each other's company in the great outdoors. As always, Mitsuya meticulously planned every detail of the day, from packing the perfect picnic basket to choosing the ideal spot in the park.

Yumi was up early that morning preparing delicious homemade sandwiches and snacks for us all to enjoy. Shouya helped her with setting up blankets and tables while I... well, let's just say I may have tried to sneak some treats before we even left home.

Once we arrived at the park, Mitsuya wasted no time in setting up games for everyone to play. He brought along his favorite soccer ball so we could have a friendly match - although it usually turns into more of a competition than anything else! Shouya was as calm and collected as ever during these matches, effortlessly scoring goals left and right.

As usual, Yumi kept an eye on me throughout the day. She knows my mischievous nature all too well but still manages to keep me in line (most of the time). Despite her scoldings here and there when I got out of hand or caused trouble with my pranks on unsuspecting family members – she never fails to show how much she cares about me.

But it was clear that both Mitsuya and Shouya were especially protective over me during this picnic. Whenever someone got too close or made any comments they didn't like about me being their little troublemaker daughter/sister – they were quick to step in and defend me without hesitation.

Throughout our day at the park filled with laughter, games, food - one thing remained constant: love between us as family members who care deeply about each other unconditionally despite our flaws differences which makes what truly matters most valuable life has offer - unconditional love support through everything good bad times alike because blood thicker water bonds stronger than anything world could throw way take away from those closest heart soul brings happiness joy contentment peace fulfillment making memories cherish forevermore thankful grateful blessed happy united strong resilient unstoppable invincible team players champions winners hearts minds souls bodies spirits connected intertwined eternal infinite everlasting journey called life lived fullest potential dreams hopes aspirations realized achieved conquered obstacles challenges faced overcome together side by side hand hand facing future unknown uncertainties courage determination resilience strength unity power bonding ties bind hold tight never let go break apart withstand test tested true genuine authentic real pure raw rare precious priceless gem diamond rough shining bright beacon light darkness shadows guiding leading inspiring motivating encouraging uplifting empowering nurturing fostering growth development progress evolution transformation metamorphosis change adaptation survival thriving flourishing blooming blossoming radiant magnificent beautiful stunning gorgeous awe-inspiring breathtaking marvelous miraculous spectacular incredible extraordinary phenomenal outstanding unique special remarkable memorable unforgettable treasured cherished adored loved appreciated respected admired valued honored celebrated acknowledged recognized applauded praised supported encouraged believed trusted depended relied leaned upon counted held cradled sheltered protected safe secure comforted warm cozy snug embraced wrapped enveloped encircled surrounded shield defended guarded watched cared guided 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