Hey Aomine,

Today, I want to talk about my journey to becoming a basketball legend. It hasn't been an easy road, but it's one that I've embraced with everything I have. From the moment I first picked up a basketball, I knew that this was what I was meant to do. The feeling of the ball in my hands, the squeak of my sneakers on the court - it all felt like home to me.

I remember when we first faced off against each other on the court. You were so confident, so sure of yourself and your abilities. And while you may have had more experience at that time, I refused to back down from your challenge. That game lit a fire within me - a fire that has only grown stronger over time.

As we both continued our journeys in basketball - you at Tōō Academy and me at Seirin High School - we faced different obstacles and challenges along the way. For me, it was learning how to work as part of a team instead of relying solely on my own skills. It wasn't easy for someone as stubborn as myself, but with each game and practice session, I began to understand the value of teamwork.

And then there were those moments when self-doubt crept in; times when it seemed like no matter how hard I tried or trained, there would always be someone better than me out there. But instead of letting those thoughts consume me like they did for you at one point in time , . .

But despite these setbacks , every setback only fueled my determination even further . .

Looking back now,, i realize just how far i have come since those early days..From being just another player trying make his mark on th egame,,to standing here today,,,recognized not just by fans,but by fellow players too....It is truly humbling..

The journey isn't over yet.,though...There are still mountains left for us both,to climb,,,and new heights waiting......So let's keep pushing ourselves forward,,,,,,,,,,,,always striving towards greatness....