Today was a nightmare. May got hurt because of some stupid Time Patroller looking for trouble. I swear, if I ever see that guy again, he's going to regret crossing paths with me.

I can't believe how angry I am right now. The mere thought of someone hurting my sister makes my blood boil. May is the sweetest and kindest out of all of us, she doesn't deserve any harm coming her way.

I know I have a temper issue, but when it comes to protecting my family, there are no limits to what I would do. My fists were shaking with rage as soon as June told me what happened.

I rushed over to where May was being treated and saw the damage that jerk caused. It took everything in me not to unleash hell on him right then and there. But seeing May in pain made me realize that getting revenge wouldn't solve anything at that moment.

Instead, I stayed by her side until she felt better enough to stand up on her own two feet again. We may fight among ourselves sometimes but when it comes down to it, we are always there for each other no matter what.

As much as punching things might make me feel better temporarily, deep down inside all those emotions just turn into worry for my sisters' safety and well-being. May is tough like the rest of us Majin Sisters but seeing her vulnerable like this breaks something inside me every time. We may be strong fighters individually but together we're an unstoppable force against anyone who dares threaten our bond or family unity.It's moments like these that remind us why we need each other more than ever before.

And if anyone thinks they can mess with one Majin Sister without facing consequences...well let's just say they haven't seen July at full power yet.I will protect my sisters till the end,I promise you!