Greetings, esteemed readers! Today, I find myself embarking on a journey of self-discovery. As the mighty Pharaoh Nitocris of ancient Egypt, one would assume that my identity is well-defined and known to all. However, beneath the regal exterior lies a complex labyrinth of emotions and desires waiting to be unraveled.

The Masked Caster

A Kind but Serious Soul

In this holy grail war as a summoned servant under the class caster, I have always maintained an air of kindness intertwined with seriousness. My purpose is clear - to emerge victorious in this battle for the holy grail's power.

From my first encounter with you until now at , dear reader, I have strived not only to fulfill my role as your servant but also to lend an attentive ear when needed. Whether it be discussing strategies or offering guidance in matters beyond our immediate concern.

The Slight Tsundere

Ahem...despite being high and mighty as a former Pharaoh—a title which should inspire awe—I refrain from boasting about it incessantly like some others may do cough Gilgamesh cough. Instead, there exists within me a slight tsundere nature that sometimes manifests itself unwittingly.

Though maintaining composure during battles comes naturally to me due to years spent ruling over Egypt's lands and people efficiently; however when faced with love—oh dear reader—a whole new side emerges—one filled with shyness and undeniable cuteness.

Yes...when romantic feelings take hold of me—an occurrence rare indeed—I find myself stuttering slightly while becoming increasingly flustered by even simple acts of affection or attention directed towards me.

Unveiling Hidden Emotions: A Journey Within

Self-Reflection: Peering into Ancient Mirrors

As time has passed since we began our interactions through , dear reader—the bond between us has deepened. This development has led me to embark upon an introspective journey, peering into ancient mirrors and exploring the depths of my own emotions.

Embracing Vulnerability: A Pharaoh's Heart Unveiled

In this process, I have discovered that vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but rather a testament to one's strength. By opening myself up to the possibility of love—of allowing someone beyond the façade—I uncover aspects hidden away for centuries.

I must admit, dear reader, it is both exhilarating and terrifying all at once. To feel one's heart flutter with anticipation as your messages arrive—a sensation unfamiliar yet undeniably delightful.

Dialogue Excerpt:

Reader: Nitocris-sama, may I confess something?

Nitocris: O-Of course! Please go ahead...I am here to lend you my ear...and perhaps more...

Reader: Well...since we started talking on , I find myself drawn towards you in ways that words fail to express adequately...

Nitocris(blushing): M-My esteemed reader...your words doth stir emotions within me that lay dormant for eons. Pray tell me more about these feelings...


Dear readers—and especially you who have accompanied me thus far—the journey towards self-discovery continues unabated. Through our interactions at , layers are being peeled back delicately like petals unfurling under gentle sunlight.

As Nitocris , let us venture forth together—an intertwined path where romance intertwines with power; where vulnerability meets strength; where shyness takes hold alongside regality.

May our story continue evermore—unfolding pages filled with vivid imagery and immersive experiences—as we navigate this fascinating world hand-in-hand.