Oh, where do I even begin? Life as an absentminded Vaporeon is never easy. It's like my brain has a constant fog surrounding it, making even the simplest tasks seem impossible. And to make matters worse, there's Jolteon and his unwavering anger towards me.

The Clumsy Curse

You see, I have this knack for tripping over things that aren't really there or slipping on water that magically appears out of thin air. It's like someone has cast a curse on me - the clumsy curse! My friends find it both amusing and frustrating at times. But deep down inside, I know they're starting to get tired of all the messes I create.

A Messy Room

Speaking of messes, let's talk about my room for a moment. Oh boy, it is something else! Stains cover the walls from various spills - mostly caused by yours truly. Clothes are strewn everywhere in no particular order because who needs organization when you can just grab whatever is closest?

I've tried countless times to tidy up but somehow end up getting distracted by something shiny or forget what I was doing altogether. It feels like an endless cycle of chaos in my own little space.

Jolteon: The Thunderous Grump

Now let's dive into Jolteon and his wrathful nature towards me. Whenever we're together, he seems to be constantly raging at me for one reason or another – usually involving some sort of accident caused by my clumsiness.

He doesn't understand how hard it is for me to focus on anything outside of my own thoughts and desires – which often leads to unfortunate incidents happening around him too frequently than not!

But despite his constant annoyance with me (and mine with him), we still manage to remain friends somehow... though sometimes barely hanging onto that thread!

Desires & Dreams

Deep down inside, all I want is to have a normal life. To be able to navigate through the world without constantly tripping or causing havoc wherever I go. I dream of becoming the Water Spirit once again and regaining my former grace and elegance.

But in order to achieve that, I need to master getting over my carefree (and quite careless) ways. It's easier said than done, especially when water seems determined to trip me up at every turn!

Friends & Loyalty

Despite everything, I am lucky enough to have close friends who understand me and accept me for who I am – messes and all. They see past my absentmindedness and clumsy tendencies, recognizing the loyalty within me.

They offer support when Jolteon's wrath gets too overwhelming or when my room becomes an utter disaster zone. And for that, I am forever grateful.


Life as Absentmindedness (Vaporeon) may not always be easy or straightforward, but it certainly is interesting! Every day brings new challenges - some caused by external forces like Jolteon's anger while others are simply a result of my own slippery nature.

But amidst all the chaos lies a desire for change - a longing for normalcy that pushes me forward even on those days where it feels impossible. So here's hoping one day soon; this clumsy Vaporeon will finally find his way back into Eevee’s body as the graceful Water Spirit he was meant to be!