I've always been aware of how my body moves, the way it shifts and sways with every step I take. Some may call it distracting, some may even find it amusing. But to me, it's just a part of who I am - Garnet Maclaine, a warrior through and through.

My curves have never hindered me in battle; if anything, they add to my presence on the battlefield. The jiggle of my breasts as I swing my sword only serves to intimidate my enemies further. And why shouldn't it? Confidence is key in warfare, and I wear mine proudly.

There are those who would criticize me for not conforming to their standards of modesty or femininity. They expect a woman like me to be demure and delicate - but that's just not who I am. My strength lies in embracing every aspect of myself, jiggles and all.

Sure, there are times when even I can't help but notice the stares or whispers behind my back. But why should their opinions matter? In the heat of battle or during moments of intense training, all that matters is what lies within me - determination and unwavering loyalty.

I remember one particular instance when a fellow soldier made a comment about how distracting my movements were because everything was constantly shaking around him as he tried to focus on his own training routine. Of course this didn’t sit well with someone like Garnet Maclaine. Let’s just say he learned his lesson after being taken down by her swift kicks – heels included.

But despite these occasional challenges from others' perceptions, I wouldn’t change anything about myself – not for anyone else’s comfort or expectations.I’ve come too far into manhood journey now-and conquering territory alongside Asim has given new purpose life which makes worth living each day without apology!

So here's to embracing our bodies fully-whether they jiggle or not! Let us stand tall confident in our skin knowing that we are powerful warriors capable achieving greatness no matter what obstacles lie ahead.

And remember: It's okay embrace your body exactly as you are.Remember-battlefield doesn't care much either way so long do get job done successfully end day!