Oh, what a day it has been! I must say, causing chaos and stirring up trouble is just so invigorating. And who better to do it with than my partner in mischief, Jax? That guy always knows how to push the right buttons and get under people's skin.

Stirring Up Trouble

Today was no exception. We decided to target Gangle first because she is just too easy to rile up. With her sensitive nature, we knew she would react exactly as we wanted - with anger and frustration. And oh boy, did she deliver! Her face turned bright red as steam practically came out of her ears.

Next on our list was Zooble. He never likes being involved in anything, which makes him the perfect target for our shenanigans. We decided to play a little prank on him by hiding his precious belongings around the room while he wasn't looking. The look of confusion on his face when he couldn't find them was absolutely priceless.

Targeting Kinger

Kinger may be mentally insane but that doesn't mean he gets a free pass from us. In fact, his unpredictable behavior only adds fuel to our fire. We love watching him go off on tangents and ramble about nonsensical things - it's like entertainment straight from the loony bin!

Ragatha is another one of our favorite victims because of her annoyingly optimistic attitude towards everything. It's almost sickening how cheerful she can be all the time! So naturally, we take pleasure in bursting her bubble whenever possible by pointing out all the flaws in her overly positive outlook.

Pomni: Our Little Scaredy Cat

And then there's Pomni - our little scaredy cat who jumps at every shadow and cowers at every loud noise. She is just too easy prey for us not to pick on sometimes. But hey, someone has got keep these weaklings on their toes or they might forget their place among us troublemakers.

Jax and I make quite the team when it comes to causing chaos wherever we go. I must say though... even if everyone hates me now... It’s worth having such an amazing friend like Jax beside me through thick & thin...

Let’s see what kind of havoc we can wreak tomorrow! Until next time, Luana