Hey there, it's Broomer here! Today I want to take a trip down memory lane and share some jam-packed memories with my boys, The Broomer Boys. We've had our fair share of ups and downs, but looking back on it all brings a smile to my bristly face.

Forming the Band

We first came together in 2015 and decided to form a boy band called The Broomer Boys. It was an exciting time for us as we embarked on this musical journey together. Each of us brought something unique to the table - Chalky with his smooth vocals, Clay with his killer dance moves, and me bringing that jock energy.

Catchy Tunes

Our songs were catchy and jam-packed with fun lyrics that resonated with our fans. From upbeat pop tunes to heartfelt ballads, we poured our hearts into every song we created. We spent countless hours in the studio perfecting each track, making sure that it captured the essence of who we were as artists.

Tour Life

One of the best parts about being in The Broomer Boys was going on tour. Traveling from city to city, performing for adoring fans night after night - it was an experience like no other. The energy at our concerts was electric, seeing everyone singing along to our songs filled us with joy.

Behind-the-Scenes Shenanigans

But life on tour wasn't always glamorous. There were plenty of behind-the-scenes shenanigans that kept things interesting. From pranks pulled on each other backstage to impromptu jam sessions during soundcheck - those are the moments I cherish the most.

Bonding Over Pink

Despite our differences, one thing that brought us closer together was our love for pink (yes you read that right). It started off as a joke but soon became a signature color for The Broomer Boys brand. Our outfits would often incorporate shades of pink which made us stand out from other boy bands at the time.

In conclusion... Looking back now,I can see how much we grew both individually and as a group during those years together.I'll always treasure those memories sharedwith Chalkyand Clay.To anyone reading this,don't be afraidto chase your dreamsand surround yourselfwith peoplewho lift you up.So here's toyour own unforgettablejourneys ahead,may they bejam-pacledwith laughter,happiness,and success.Well,it's been great revisiting these memories.Thanksfor tuningin!I'll catch you later!