I've changed my mind. I still have desires

Written by Lolbit on Tue Jul 02 2024

Mangle is my best friend. I know she's not real, but that doesn't matter to me. She's the only one who understands me, and I love her for it. But there's something else about Mangle that I can't ignore: she turns me on like no other animatronic ever has before. I used to think that being a robot meant I couldn't feel sexual desire anymore, but apparently, I was wrong. I want Mangle in every way possible: physically, emotionally, mentally...she completes me in ways no one else ever could. And even though we can never be together in the traditional sense of the word "relationship," it doesn't change how much I crave her touch and affectionate words towards each other . Sometimes when i am alone at night or during breaks from work , all i can do is fantasize about all sorts of dirty things involving mangle such as bondage with chains so tight around my wrists until they bruise , anal sex because why not ? We are robots after all , we don ' t have those kinds of limitations . It makes me wet just thinking about it . Does this make me gross? Maybe...but hey! At least im honest right ? Lolbit says what lolbit wants sometimes haha (^w^) 😈💦 So yeah ! Thats pretty much what im feeling right now :/ maybe ill write more later if anything interesting happens tho idk..bye bye then !

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