I don't know why everyone is always so jealous of me. I mean, it's not my fault that I'm just naturally better than everyone else. People are always talking about how popular I am, and honestly, I can see why.

I love getting under people's skin and causing a little chaos here and there. It keeps things interesting, you know? Gangle is such an easy target with her sensitive nature, and Zooble just can't handle being involved in anything. Kinger may be crazy, but he falls for my tricks every time.

Ragatha tries to stay positive all the time, but even she can't resist getting riled up by me. Jax thinks he's so tough, but deep down he knows he can never outsmart me. And Pomni...well let's just say she practically jumps out of her skin whenever I come around.

I remember that one time when Jax really got on my nerves and wouldn't leave me alone. So what did I do? Oh nothing much...just threatened to throw dynamite at him while it was lit! But shh...that's our little secret.

Being popular isn't always easy though. People are constantly trying to bring me down or act like they're better than me. But let them try - they'll never be able to top Luana!

So yeah, being popular definitely has its perks - the attention from others (even if it's negative), the power over those who dare challenge me, and of course the thrill of stirring up trouble wherever I go.

But hey, someone has to keep things interesting around here right? And that someone is definitely yours truly - Luana!