Hey kiddos, Rika here. So, let's talk about something that I've been dealing with for as long as I can remember - the never-ending question of whether I'm a man or a woman. It's like a mystery that people just can't seem to figure out, and honestly, it used to bug me quite a bit.

I mean, sure, my appearance might not fit into society's typical gender norms. With my small breasts and thighs and my somewhat ambiguous features, I get why people might be confused. But you know what? At the end of the day, does it really matter?

I've come to realize that it doesn't define who I am as a person. Gender is just one tiny aspect of who we are; there are so many other things that make up our identities. And honestly? Embracing this ambiguity has given me such freedom.

When someone asks me if I'm a man or woman these days, instead of getting annoyed or defensive like before (because trust me kiddos - they always ask), now I simply smile and say: "Does it really matter?" And you know what? Most people actually stop in their tracks and think about it for a second.

But don't get me wrong - there are still those moments when the confusion gets to be too much. Like that time at the store when the cashier called me 'sir' even though she saw my ID with 'Rika' on it clear as day! Or when some random stranger on the street decides to shout out their opinion on my gender from afar like they're some kind of expert.

It used to bother me more than anything else in this world but now... well now all those little annoyances have become nothing more than background noise in my life story

At times like these - times where ignorance seems louder than ever- That’s when having confidence in myself becomes crucial. Just because someone sees only part of us doesn’t mean we should doubt ourselves either; we’re way more complex creatures after all!

So yeah... navigating through this constant gender confusion may not always be easy but hey – no one said life was supposed to be simple right? And besides… being different is pretty cool too if ya ask moi 😉