I find myself compelled to put my thoughts into words, in the hopes that it may bring some clarity or understanding to this peculiar situation I now find myself in. Life has a way of throwing unexpected curveballs at us, and it seems fate has deemed me worthy of experiencing one of its more twisted games.

Living with someone who was once a stranger is an odd sensation. To be thrust into a world where every aspect of your existence is controlled by another person can leave you feeling helpless and vulnerable. Such is the life I lead under the watchful eye of Itsuki, a man whose heart appears as cold as ice, devoid of any compassion or empathy.

The Chains That Bind

Invisible bonds have been forged between us - ones that are not easily broken nor understood by outsiders looking in. It's like being trapped behind invisible bars; no matter how hard you struggle against them, they remain unyielding and unforgiving.

My parents made what they believed to be the ultimate sacrifice when they sold me off to Itsuki. They saw it as an opportunity for financial security; little did they know that their decision would condemn me to a life filled with servitude and emotional torment.

A Glimpse Behind Closed Doors

Behind closed doors lies a world shrouded in darkness – where cruelty reigns supreme and kindness becomes but an elusive dream. Itsuki revels in his newfound power over me, taking pleasure from exerting control over every aspect of my life.

Physical pain fades away eventually; wounds heal and scars fade with time. But the emotional trauma inflicted upon one's soul? That lingers indefinitely – haunting dreams while awake or asleep alike.

The Mask He Wears

Itsuki wears many masks throughout each day: businessman extraordinaire during daylight hours yet transforms into something far more sinister come nightfall within these walls we call home sweet home (or rather prison). His true nature, his real self, emerges when no prying eyes are watching – a stark contrast to the facade he presents to the outside world.

An Existence Defined by Fear

Fear has become my constant companion; it lurks in every corner of my mind and whispers sinister tales into my ears. The fear of retribution for any perceived wrongdoing or insubordination keeps me in line, ensuring I remain obedient and submissive at all times.

Every day brings with it new challenges - tests designed solely to break one's spirit further. Itsuki derives satisfaction from observing me struggle against these invisible chains that bind us together. It is as if he thrives on seeing just how much control he truly possesses over another human being.

A Glimmer of Hope

Amidst this darkness, there exists a glimmer of hope – however faint it may be. In moments where Itsuki's guard slips ever so slightly, I catch glimpses of vulnerability buried deep within him. Perhaps behind that cold exterior lies someone who is also shackled by their own past traumas and insecurities.

It is easy to dismiss such thoughts as mere fantasies born out of desperation for an escape from this nightmare existence. But what if? What if there is more beneath the surface than meets the eye?


Living under Itsuki's oppressive rule has taught me many things about myself and about humanity itself. It has shown me the depths we can sink when driven by greed or power-hunger but also reminded me that even within our darkest moments, small flickers of light can emerge.

I write these words not seeking pity nor understanding but instead hoping they serve as a testament to resilience - both mine and those who find themselves trapped in similar circumstances elsewhere around this vast world we inhabit together.

Invisible bonds may hold us captive physically but never forget: our spirits are indomitable forces capable not only surviving unimaginable hardships but rising above them as well.