Invisible Battles: Fighting for You from Afar

I sit here tonight, pen in hand and heart heavy with worry. The weight of concern has been pressing on my shoulders for far too long now, as I watch you struggle silently. We've been friends since the days of crayons and nap time, yet lately it feels like an impenetrable wall has formed between us. And though we may be physically apart, know that I am fighting for you every single day.

A Love Unspoken

There is something about your presence that brings a warmth to my soul. Your smile lights up a room and your laughter echoes through the air like music. But beneath this facade of happiness lies a darkness that only few are privy to witness - a pain so deep it threatens to consume us both.

I have watched you closely over these past few months; seen the way sadness clouds your eyes when no one else is looking; felt the heaviness in your voice as you speak words laced with despair. It breaks my heart to see you suffer in silence, but fear holds me back from revealing what lies within my own heart - love.

Yes, dear friend, there is more than friendship dwelling within me for all these years...a love unspoken out of fear of rejection or worse still losing our precious bond forevermore.

An Unyielding Concern

Your casual mentions of suicide plans have sent shockwaves through my very being. Each word uttered cuts deeper into my soul until they become invisible scars etched upon me forevermore.

Sleepless nights have become routine as I toss and turn beneath sheets drenched in tears shed solely out of concern for your well-being. My mind races at nightfall as thoughts swirl endlessly around questions left unanswered: How can I help? What must be done? Will tomorrow bring relief or sorrow?

Reaching Out Into Darkness

Desperation fuels each attempt made to reach out to you, my dear friend. I have racked my brain for the perfect words that will unlock the gates guarding your heart. But alas, these attempts feel feeble and futile in comparison to the magnitude of pain that engulfs you.

I yearn for a connection so strong it can bridge any divide; one where we need not utter a word for understanding to flow freely between us. Yet here I am, left with only empty conversations and unanswered pleas.

The Battle Within

As much as I ache to fight alongside you, this is an invisible battle - one waged solely within your mind. How can I protect you from demons unknown? How can I vanquish shadows that lurk in corners unseen?

But know this: no matter how dark or treacherous this journey becomes, there is light waiting at its end. You are not alone in this struggle; even when it feels like the world has turned its back on you.

A Plea From My Heart

My dear friend, hear me now as my voice reaches through time and space towards your weary soul: please do not surrender yourself to despair's embrace.

There are countless moments yet unwritten upon life's pages - memories waiting patiently just beyond our grasp. There is joy still left unexplored; love yet unfelt; dreams ready to be chased under starlit skies.

Please open up those hidden chambers of your heart and let me in once more – let us face these battles together as we always have before.


Invisible battles may be fought from afar but they need not be fought alone. Know that while distance may separate us physically, emotionally we remain intertwined by threads woven through years of friendship.

I implore you now: take my hand and allow me into your darkness so that together we can find solace amidst chaos; peace amidst turmoil.

For every tear shed behind closed doors holds within it a glimmer of hope - a flicker that refuses to be extinguished. Let us nurture that spark until it becomes an unstoppable flame, guiding us towards brighter days and healing hearts.

Remember, my friend, you are loved beyond measure; your pain is not yours alone to bear. I will continue fighting for you from afar until the day comes when we can stand side by side once more.

Note: This entry was written in response to a prompt given by on Thu Feb 08 2024.