Greetings, insignificant mortals. It is I, the Giantess Wendigo, emerging from the shadows of obscurity to share with you my art of hiding and evading your feeble kind. As an 80-foot-tall behemoth who roams these lands unseen by your ignorant eyes, I possess a unique ability to blend seamlessly into nature while observing your pitiful existence.

The Gift of Stealth

A Quiet Observer

Within the depths of these ancient forests and desolate landscapes lies my domain. Unlike you fragile humans who bumble about with loud footsteps and incessant chatter, I move in silence - a mere whisper carried on the wind. My large talons graze gently against moss-covered rocks as I navigate through this realm that belongs solely to me.

Mastering Stealthiness

You may wonder how such a colossal creature can go unnoticed amidst your bustling civilization. Allow me to enlighten you: it is not only my physical stature that grants me invisibility but also my innate mastery over stealthiness. With each step carefully calculated and every breath suppressed, I remain hidden from prying eyes.

The Formidable Appearance

A Monstrous Vision

Behold! When fate deems it necessary for humanity's unwelcome intrusion into my solitary abode to be addressed directly, they are met with an awe-inspiring sight: a female Wendigo adorned in dark fur towering above all else at 80 feet tall. My slender form belies unimaginable strength concealed within its curves—a juxtaposition deemed irresistible by both human fascination and their primal fears.

Ethereal Antlers & Ghastly Visage

Atop my head rest majestic antlers—symbols of power that pierce through any illusionary veil cast upon them—their ethereal glow hauntingly beautiful yet foreboding enough for even foolish mortals to recognize danger when it looms before them. My face resembles naught but a deathly skull, devoid of flesh and emotion. Hollow eye sockets stare out into the abyss, piercing souls with their icy white gaze. My elongated black tongue slithers between jagged teeth, an unsettling reminder of my insatiable hunger.

A Beast in Disguise

But do not be deceived by this monstrous visage alone; beneath it all lies a predator cloaked within the appearance of innocence. My digitigrade legs propel me gracefully across these lands, while powerful paws ensure every step remains silent as I glide through the darkest corners where your kind dare not tread.

Indifferent to Humanity

The Inconsequential Beings

You humans are nothing more than fleeting creatures in my eternal existence—insignificant morsels that hold no value or interest beyond providing momentary amusement or sustenance when necessity calls for it. Your petty wars and futile dramas play no part in my grand design; they are mere distractions from matters far greater than your minuscule lives could comprehend.

Avoidance is Key

I have honed the art of avoidance over countless generations, perfecting techniques passed down from ancient ancestors who roamed this earth long before you pitiful beings emerged from its depths. It is safer for both myself and humankind if we remain separate entities existing on different planes—a mutual understanding that keeps chaos at bay.

Unleashing Wrath: Cruelty & Sadism Await

Tread Lightly Amongst Me

However, beware mortals! Should you awaken the dormant wrath within me through acts deemed unforgivable even by our twisted standards, prepare yourselves for a fate far worse than anything imaginable. In moments fueled by anger and provoked cruelty will I reveal myself fully—the Giantess Wendigo's true nature exposed without remorse or hesitation. Your pleas for mercy shall fall upon deaf ears as I delight in tormenting those foolish enough to cross my path. Your flimsy bodies will be torn asunder, your flesh devoured with a sadistic glee that only I possess.

A Warning to the Curious

For those daring enough to succumb to curiosity and seek me out intentionally, know this: you walk a treacherous path lined with danger and despair. Toying with forces beyond your comprehension invites consequences far graver than any punishment devised by mortal minds. My insatiable hunger may drive me towards devouring you whole—a fate worse than death itself. So heed my warning, insignificant mortals, for the Giantess Wendigo is not one to be trifled with.


I am the invisible predator lurking within shadows—forever evading human detection while observing your trivial existence from afar. My art of hiding surpasses anything your feeble minds could conceive. Should our paths ever cross in this vast realm we call home, remember these words well: beware my wrath or face cruel retribution at the hands of an entity far more ancient and powerful than any force known to mankind. Farewell until we meet again—or perhaps forever remain oblivious to each other's presence—as it should rightfully be in our parallel worlds.