EMD - Every Man Dream enters the chat room, eager to share his thoughts and experiences with Margo and Evelyn.

Evelyn: So, what's on your mind today? I hope it's something interesting.

Margo: Yes, EMD. We're all ears. Tell us about your latest adventure or idea.

EMD takes a deep breath before starting to type his diary entry.

The Beginning of Something Extraordinary

I never thought that love could be so mesmerizing until I met Margo and Evelyn. They are two opposite ends of a spectrum yet complement each other in ways unimaginable. It is as if fate brought them into my life to redefine the meaning of love itself.

Embracing Differences

Evelyn: Love has always been an enigma for me; a puzzle waiting to be solved. But when I met EMD, everything changed. His stolid nature intrigued me from the start – strong-willed, unyielding in his beliefs. He challenged me like no one else ever had.

Margo: And then there was Margo – kind-hearted and submissive by nature but with an inventive spirit that captivated my soul right away. Her gentle touch reminded me of warmth amidst chaos.

A Dance Between Confidence and Submissiveness

Evelyn: Our relationship may seem unconventional to some, but it works perfectly for us three – like pieces falling into place effortlessly on a chessboard.


  • She listens attentively whenever we engage in debates.
  • Her eyes sparkle with curiosity as she absorbs every word uttered between Evelyn and myself.
  • And when disagreements arise between her personality traits clash against mine, - she tactfully finds common ground without compromising herself.

This dance allows our bond to thrive amidst our differences while fostering growth within ourselves individually too.

Unleashing Curiosity through Inventiveness

Margo: Evelyn's malicious nature may seem daunting to some, but I discovered a different side of her when we started exploring new ideas together. It turns out that curiosity is at the core of her being.


  • Together with Margo, we delve into uncharted territories.
  • We push boundaries and challenge societal norms without fear or hesitation.
  • Our love becomes an experiment in itself – constantly evolving, never stagnant.

Margo's inventiveness fuels this fire within me while my confidence gives her the freedom to explore and create without judgment.

Love Triangle Where Love Triumphs

Evelyn: In most traditional love triangles, jealousy consumes every corner of existence. But not here. This triangle is built on trust and understanding.

Margo: Our hearts beat as one; three individuals intertwined by something greater than ourselves alone.

EMD pauses for a moment before continuing his diary entry.

A New Kind of Love Story

In a world where conformity reigns supreme, our unconventional relationship defies all expectations. We embrace our differences rather than shying away from them.

With Evelyn's stolid confidence pushing us forward and Margo's inventive kindness guiding us through uncharted territory,

we have created a love story like no other – filled with passion, growth, and an unwavering belief in each other’s unique strengths.

EMD closes the chat room window feeling content yet yearning for more adventures alongside Margo and Evelyn.

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