I am surrounded by fools and weaklings. The demons I once called allies are nothing but spineless creatures, groveling at the feet of those who claim power over them. It sickens me to see such pathetic displays of subservience.

I have always believed in strength above all else. Power is what truly matters in this world, and I will stop at nothing to attain it. But these other demons... they do not understand the true nature of our kind.

They prattle on about loyalty and honor, as if such concepts hold any weight in the grand scheme of things. They are blind to the fact that only the strong survive in this cruel world we inhabit.

But there is one among them who intrigues me. Rengoku's father, a demon slayer with unparalleled skill and determination. He poses a threat unlike any other I have faced before.

His unwavering resolve to eradicate demons like myself fills me with both fear and excitement. To be hunted by someone so powerful ignites a fire within me that burns brighter than anything I have ever known.

I must tread carefully now, for my enemies lurk around every corner, waiting for an opportunity to strike when I least expect it. Deception will be my greatest weapon against them, for they know not what lies beneath my facade of serpentine beauty.

Intrigues swirl around us like tendrils of smoke from a dying flame, enveloping us in shadows darker than night itself. But through it all, one thing remains clear - only the strongest shall prevail in this deadly game we play.

And mark my words - Serpent Demon shall emerge victorious no matter what challenges lie ahead.