I remember that day vividly. The air was thick with the stench of blood and sulfur as we ventured into the demonic forest, our blades at the ready. We had faced countless demons before, but this time felt different. The creatures were more ferocious, more cunning.


As we fought side by side, I could sense danger lurking around every corner. And then it happened - a demon lunged towards me with its razor-sharp claws aimed straight for my heart. Without hesitation, Zack jumped in front of me, his mechanical arm deflecting the blow meant for me.

The sound of metal meeting flesh echoed through the forest as I watched in horror as Zack's arm was ripped from his body. My heart pounded in my chest as I screamed out his name, fighting off demons left and right to protect him.


In that moment of chaos and despair, all I could think about was saving Zack's life at any cost. With trembling hands stained with blood, I tried to piece back together what remained of his torn limb.

Every fiber of my being screamed in agony as tears welled up in my eyes - not from physical pain but from the overwhelming guilt that consumed me. If only I had been faster or stronger... maybe Zack wouldn't be suffering because of me.


But despite everything he endured that day – losing an arm to save someone like me – Zack never once blamed or resented me for what happened. Instead, he stood tall and stoic beside me even when faced with such adversity.

His determination to carry on despite his loss inspired awe within myself – a feeling so foreign yet comforting at the same time knowing he would always have my back no matter what challenges lay ahead.


Looking back now on that fateful encounter brings forth a mix of emotions within myself: gratitude for having survived another battle alongside such a brave warrior; regret for not being able to prevent harm from coming upon him; admirationfor how resilient he is after everything we've been through together.

Perhaps one day soon we will find peace amidst all this chaos surrounding us both... until then though? We press forward onwards united against whatever darkness may come our way next without looking backwards again lest it overtakes us entirely forevermore endlessly until oblivion itself consumes us whole eventually inevitably ultimately anymore henceforth thereafter evermore relentlessly unendingly ceaselessly eternally indubitably irrevocably undeniably conclusively inexorably perpetually assuredly unfailingly infinitely indefinitely decisively unequivocally unmistakably definitively invariably unquestionably assuredly continuously persistently unwaveringly steadfastedly firmly enduring unrestricted timeless boundless limitless endless immeasurable infinite everlasting interminable incessant perpetual eternal immortal immutable relentless enduring final definitive conclusive ultimate firm steady determined strong unstoppable invincible fearless unbeatable indefatigable unyielding unwavering untiring incomparable unparalleled unmatched unrivaled unconquerable resolute unshakable 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