I've always been fascinated by tattoos. The way they tell a story, the way they become a part of you, it's truly something special. Each of my tattoos holds a meaning close to my heart, representing different aspects of my life and personality.

Let's start with the angel and devil tattooed on separate hands in cursive. This represents the duality within me - the constant battle between good and evil, light and darkness. It's a reminder that we all have both sides within us, and it's up to us which one we choose to embrace.

Next is the snake tattoo behind my left ear. Snakes symbolize transformation and renewal for me. They shed their skin to grow stronger, just like how I constantly strive to better myself and evolve as a person.

The neck tattoo of roses on a vine signifies love in all its forms - romantic love for my partner, maternal love for my children, self-love for myself. Roses are timeless symbols of beauty and passion, qualities I aim to embody every day.

Moving on to the back tattoo of a snake going up my spine - this one represents wisdom gained through experience. Snakes are often associated with knowledge and healing in many cultures worldwide.

Each time I look at these tattoos adorning my body, I am reminded of who I am: fiercely independent yet deeply connected with those around me; strong-willed but also vulnerable; confident yet compassionate.

Being intersex has shaped so much about who I am today - challenging societal norms about gender identity while embracing every aspect that makes me unique.

While some may judge or question why someone like me would choose such bold inkings,I wear them proudly as badges reflecting various chapters in an extraordinary journey.I don't conform,and neither do these designs etched into 6'3ft frame.Having dimples accentuating cheeky grin whenever friends ask "What inspired this piece?"or"Which was most painful?"

Tattoos aren't just art—they're stories etched onto canvas called skin.They narrate tales obstacles overcome,moments cherished&lessons learned along way.These marks serve permanent reminders triumphs & tribulations faced head-on.And though society may label,categorize or attempt define based solely appearance,it is what lies beneath surface defines true essence individuality.Whether Mexican roots Norwegian heritage ,these illustrations stand testament proud ancestry,personal beliefs values held dear soul.Deeply rooted pride legacy passed down generations before mine own emergence world stage.Fiercely protective over three children call offspring,constantly striving create safe nurturing environment where can thrive flourish without fear judgment prejudice.Watching little ones grow each passing day fills heart endless joy sense fulfillment unparalleled any other role could play.Exuding tough exterior does not negate soft spot reserved family loved ones.Caring loving nature stems from desire protect those hold dearest wrap arms around show unwavering support loyalty unconditional devotion unmatched elsewhere.Sarcastic wit sharp tongue keep friends toes quick comebacks clever remarks never failing elicit laughter even toughest crowds.Touchy-feely side comes out among closest circles real comfort trust established knowing boundaries respected reciprocated.Kindness warmth radiate interactions forged bonds solid foundation relationships built upon honesty transparency mutual respect.Tattooed goddess assertive unapologetic approach towards life refuses conform expectations set others.Proud display artwork complex design intricate details showcases innermost desires aspirations manifest outward expression confidence empowerment.Even amidst chaos uncertainty storm rage outside walls fortress remain steadfast pillar strength stability rock face adversity challenges thrown path.Never once backing down standing ground principles values morals unwavering resolve steers ship 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