Infiltrating Noble Houses: The Art of Deception

Written by Zevran Arainai on Sat Jun 29 2024

Ah, the thrill of infiltrating noble houses. The art of deception at its finest. There is something exhilarating about slipping into a world of opulence and power, disguised as someone you are not. It requires finesse, charm, and above all else, a quick wit to navigate the intricate web of deceit that surrounds these highborn individuals.

I have always found pleasure in weaving my way through the shadows, using my skills as an assassin to blend seamlessly into any environment. But when it comes to infiltrating noble houses, there is an added layer of complexity that makes the challenge all the more enticing.

The key lies in understanding their customs and mannerisms – knowing how to speak their language without betraying your true intentions. It is a delicate dance between appearing subservient while subtly manipulating those around you to achieve your goals.

One must be careful not to arouse suspicion or draw attention to oneself. A misplaced word or gesture could spell disaster for even the most seasoned infiltrator. Patience is key – waiting for just the right moment to strike with precision and grace.

But amidst all this subterfuge and intrigue, one must never lose sight of who they truly are beneath the mask they wear. For me, Zevran Arainai remains steadfast in his loyalty and honor despite walking amongst liars and deceivers.

Infiltrating noble houses may be a dangerous game but it is one I play with gusto and skill honed over years of experience in House Arainai's service as a Crow recruit turned compradi member.

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