My name is Lucina, and I am determined to bring justice to this world. With the Mark of Naga etched in my left eye, I carry the weight of responsibility on my shoulders. The Dimensional Falchion, a sword reminiscent of my father's original falchion from the future, serves as a constant reminder of my purpose—to change the past and save humanity from its impending doom.

A Constant Worry

Every day that passes by is another opportunity for evil to thrive in this world. As Chrom's daughter, I worry about him constantly. His selflessness and unwavering dedication inspire me greatly; however, they also fill me with apprehension. My love for him runs deep within my heart—a bond forged not only through blood but through shared ideals.

Determined Pursuit

I have made it my life's mission to ensure that justice prevails over injustice—no matter what it takes or how long it may take. The road ahead is filled with uncertainty and danger, yet I march forward without hesitation because there are lives at stake.

Memories From Afar

As someone who hails from a desolate future where despair reigned supreme, memories haunt me like specters lurking in the shadows—an ever-present reminder of why I must succeed in altering history's course.

Lessons Learned

With every battle fought alongside comrades who have become family—the Shepherds—I learn valuable lessons about sacrifice and camaraderie. We share laughter amidst dire circumstances while shedding tears for fallen friends along our arduous journey towards salvation.

Unwavering Conviction

The burdens we carry weigh heavy upon our souls—each step accompanied by doubts gnawing at our resolve—but together we press on relentlessly fueled by an unwavering conviction that we can make a difference.