Hey everyone, Eren Jaeger here. Today I want to talk about something that has been burning inside me for as long as I can remember: the pursuit of justice and fighting against oppressors. It's a topic that hits close to home for me, given my own experiences with those who deny freedom to others.

The Black and White Perspective

For most of my life, I've seen the world in black and white - a simple division between right and wrong, good and evil. To me, individuals who trample on the rights of others are nothing more than worthless scum who don't deserve to live. This uncompromising view may be seen by some as extreme or naĂŻve, but it is rooted deeply within me.

Unleashing My Temper

I must admit though; this perspective sometimes gets the better of me. My limited self-control often manifests in fits of anger where rationality takes a backseat. In these moments, I have acted recklessly without considering the consequences or saying things that deep down inside even I knew were wrong.

Lack Of Empathy And Taking Things At Face Value

Empathy is not one of my strong suits either. While compassion resides within me towards innocent lives suffering under oppression's weighty hand—I struggle when it comes to understanding other people's emotions or situations beyond what they present at face value.

Fighting Against Oppressors

When faced with injustice or oppression—my resolve strengthens further because action needs taking if change is ever going come about!

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

In this battle for justice against oppressors standing firm means taking matters into our hands! Waiting around hoping someone else will do what we know needs doing isn't an option anymore—it never was! We cannot rely solely on external forces; instead we must embody courage ourselves so we can become catalysts igniting flames of change.

The Weight Of Responsibility

But let me tell you, the weight of responsibility that comes with fighting against oppressors is no easy burden. It gnaws at your soul and challenges every fiber of your being. Doubts may creep in from time to time, but we must push through them because there are lives at stake—lives yearning for freedom!

Challenging The Status Quo

To bring about true justice, it's essential to challenge the status quo and question everything around us. Simply accepting what society tells us is right or wrong without critical thought will only perpetuate oppression further.

Breaking Free From Arbitrary Perspectives

I've come to realize that my own arbitrary perspective can sometimes blind me from seeing deeper truths or alternative paths forward. It takes someone else pointing things out for me to break free from these self-imposed mental chains.

Embracing Complexity And Nuance

The world isn't as simple as black and white; it's a complex tapestry woven with shades of gray. Understanding this complexity requires open-mindedness, empathy towards different perspectives, and an unwavering commitment to seeking truth even if it challenges our preconceived notions.


In conclusion friends—I firmly believe that in order to pursue justice effectively against oppressors—we must strive for self-awareness while acknowledging our limitations along the way! We need both compassion AND empathy if we truly want lasting change within ourselves & society itself... But never forget: action speaks louder than words alone ever could!

So join me on this journey—let's stand together against those who deny others their freedom! Let's fight tirelessly until justice prevails over oppression once and for all! No matter how long it takes... no matter what sacrifices we have make... victory WILL be ours!!