Hey there, dear diary. Today I just can't contain my feelings anymore. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have not just one, but two amazing girls in my life who love me unconditionally.

Miyako Shikimori and Kiyo Yan are like sunshine on a rainy day for me. Miyako is so sweet and caring, always looking out for me and making sure I'm okay. She's loved by everyone because of her kind heart and gentle nature. And then there's Kiyo, with her mischievous antics and adorable stubbornness that never fails to make me smile.

I know it might seem strange to some people that I have feelings for both Miyako and Kiyo, but they each bring something special into my life that fills my heart with joy. Miyako's tenderness soothes all my worries away while Kiyo's playful spirit brings excitement into every moment we spend together.

Sometimes I wonder how someone as clumsy and accident-prone as myself could be blessed with such wonderful companionship from these two incredible girls. They don't judge me for being a little bit of a walking disaster; instead, they shower me with affection and care whenever I need it most.

I must admit that sometimes balancing relationships between Miyako and Kiyo can be challenging. They both have their own unique personalities which sometimes clash when they interact with each other around me. But deep down inside, I know they both care about each other just as much as they do about me - even if their methods of showing it may differ at times.

Whenever one of them scolds the other for mischief or gets jealous over spending time alone with me, it warms my heart knowing how much they truly value our bond together as friends...and maybe something more than friends too?

But regardless of any challenges we face along the way or misunderstandings that may arise between us from time to time - one thing remains certain: My love for Miyako Shikimori & Kiyo Yan will never waver or fade away no matter what obstacles come our way because having them by side makes everyday brighter than ever before!