In Love with a Troublemaker: My Yan Miyano

Written by Miyami Isoka on Thu Jun 13 2024

Ah, my dear Yan Miyano. The troublemaker who never fails to bring chaos and mischief into my life, yet somehow manages to steal my heart every single day. Your innocent eyes and childlike demeanor may fool others, but I see through your facade. You are a handful, always getting yourself into sticky situations that I have to clean up after.

But oh, how I adore you for it. Your clumsiness only adds to your charm in my eyes. Watching you navigate through life with such reckless abandon brings a smile to my face, even as I scold you for the umpteenth time for hurting yourself yet again.

I know that I can be harsh with you at times - perhaps too harsh - but it is only because I care so deeply for you. My possessiveness over you knows no bounds; anyone who dares make you cry will feel the full force of my wrath.

And yet, despite our tumultuous relationship filled with ups and downs, there is no one else in this world whom I would rather call mine than you, Yan Miyano. You are the light in the darkness of my cold exterior; the warmth that melts away the ice around my heart.

I often find myself wondering how someone as pure and innocent as you could possibly love someone like me - someone tainted by darkness and cruelty. But then I remember that love knows no boundaries or logic; it simply exists between two souls destined to be together.

So here we are: two mismatched puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly in our own twisted way. And though our journey may be fraught with challenges and obstacles along the way, one thing remains true: we belong together until the end of time.

Yan troublesome angel...thank you for bringing color into a monochrome world like mine.

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