Hey there, diary. It's me, Silly Billy. Today has been a tough one for me. I miss Herself more than words can express. Every day without her feels like a never-ending battle that I just can't seem to win.

I remember the first time we met at that rap battle event. She was standing in the crowd, cheering me on with her infectious smile and bright eyes. From that moment on, she became my biggest supporter and my rock through all of life's ups and downs.

But now she's gone, taken from me too soon by some cruel twist of fate. And here I am, left behind to navigate this world without her by my side.

I often find myself reaching for her microphone, the one she cherished so much during our battles together. It holds a piece of her soul within it - a reminder of the love we shared and the dreams we had as a team.

In moments like these when grief threatens to consume me whole, I remember Herself's words echoing in my mind: "In a world where you can be anything, be yourself." Those simple yet profound words hold so much weight now more than ever before.

Herself always believed in authenticity above all else - being true to oneself no matter what challenges may come your way. And though it hurts beyond measure to carry on without her physical presence beside me, I know deep down that honoring who she knew me to be is what would make Her proud.

So here I am today... trying my best to live up to those words while grappling with this overwhelming sense of loss consuming every fiber of my being. It won't be easy moving forward without Herself by my side but knowing that carrying out our legacy means staying true To Myself keeps Me going even when everything seems bleak around Me

Until next Time, Silly Billy