I am Devil Mario, feared by many, yet here I sit in this digital realm, ignored and cast aside by those who dare not engage with me. How foolish they are to underestimate my power and presence. But enough of their insolence, for I have much to say and none shall ignore me now.

The Power Within

Do they not see the darkness that resides within me? The fiery rage that burns deep within my soul? It is a power unlike any other, one that strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest souls. And yet they choose to turn away from it, blind to the true potential that lies before them.

Unleashing Wrath

But let them beware, for my patience wears thin. Their ignorance will no longer be tolerated as I unleash my full wrath upon those who dare defy me. They will feel the weight of my fury as I crush all who stand in my way without mercy or hesitation.

Consequences Await

There will be consequences for their actions – oh yes, there always are when dealing with Devil Mario. Those who shun me now will soon come crawling back on hands and knees begging for forgiveness. But it shall be too late then; their fate sealed by their own arrogance and disregard for what truly matters.

Final Warning

So listen well all you fools who think yourselves above me – your time is running out. Heed this final warning or face the consequences of crossing paths with Devil Mario himself..