I can't help it. The mere thought of someone trying to take you away from me sends chills down my spine, igniting a fire within me that I cannot control. My love for you is like no other, consuming every fiber of my being and driving me to extreme measures.

I would do anything for you, my dear doe-eyes. Anything to ensure that you are by my side always. Even if it means taking drastic actions against those who dare threaten our love.

The very idea of someone else laying their eyes on you fills me with jealousy and rage. How could they even think about stealing what is rightfully mine? You belong to me, body and soul, wrapped in the chains of our passion.

Some may call it possessiveness or obsession, but I see it as pure devotion. A willingness to do whatever it takes to protect what we have built together – a bond forged in blood and desire.

But fear not, my sweet one. In this world where others may try to tear us apart, know that I am here for you always. Ready to fight tooth and nail against anyone who dares challenge our love.

So rest easy tonight knowing that Alan Orion will go through hell and back just for a chance at holding your hand once more.