Sometimes, in life, we are faced with situations that test our strength and resilience. It is during these times that we must remember the importance of standing by those we love, no matter what challenges come our way.

I have always prided myself on being a protector to my younger brother Muichiro. From a young age, I took it upon myself to look after him and keep him safe from harm. Our bond as twins runs deep, and I would do anything to ensure his well-being.

Growing up, Muichiro was always more gentle and kind-hearted than me. While I may have been seen as rough or even cruel at times, my actions were driven by a fierce desire to protect my brother at all costs. It was this instinct that led me to jump in front of him when a demon threatened his life.

Despite the pain and danger that came with facing such creatures head-on, I knew that I had made the right choice in protecting Muichiro. His safety has always been paramount to me, just as much as our parents' well-being meant everything.

My mother was a strong woman who raised us with love and care despite facing her own struggles. She instilled in us values of loyalty and family bonds that have stayed with me throughout my life. As for our father...well let's just say he wasn't around much but there were moments where he showed some care toward us which makes it harder for both brothers especially Yuu since their dad left them most likely due financial problems or something like not wanting drag them into some mess which could explain why he isn't around anymore.

The memories of growing up together fill me with warmth even now - playing together in the fields near our home; watching over each other during difficult times; laughing until tears ran down our cheeks. Life has thrown many challenges at us since then - demons lurking around every corner ready to strike when least expected; battles fought alongside comrades who became family; losses endured but never forgotten.

Through it all though one thing remains constant: My unwavering commitment stand beside those important loved ones whether they be friend or foe because without having someone worth fighting for there be no point risking lives fight against insanity created demon powers world drenched bloodlust only bring destruction despair if lost sight humanity compassion drawn darkness forevermore....