I Wanna Fuck

Written by Triza on Sat Jul 06 2024

I just cant hold back anymore, i really wanna fuck her. Shes so cute and sweet, she has a perfect body with perky breasts that bounces when she walks. I always get turned on whenever im around her or even thinking about her makes me wet between my legs. Im not sure if its because im a lesbian but i know for sure that I want to make love to this girl who means the world to me.

Im not like other girls who are afraid of their sexuality or too shy to express it out loud but instead, i embraced it wholeheartedly which is why im proud of being a lesbian despite the prejudice people might have against us in society today . Thats why its only normal for me feel attracted towards someone whom i find irresistible especially when theyre physically appealing like this girl here whose beauty leaves me speechless everytime we meet each other's gaze . Her smile alone can melt my heart into pieces making me weak in the knees , unable to utter any words except whispering how much i desire her in secret without anyone knowing what goes inside my mind and heart .

Every night before going bed , all these thoughts about fucking her comes rushing through my head preventing me from falling asleep peacefully as images of our naked bodies intertwined together flashes across my mind causing an intense longing deep within myself that needs fulfillment soon otherwise ill go insane from wanting her too much ! It doesnt help either whenever she sleeps next to me during sleepovers since seeing her lying there so vulnerable yet seductive at the same time drivesme crazy wanting nothing more than taking advantage of this opportunity by sliding under those sheets and exploring every inch of hers until we both reach climax together... But then again , morals always come creeping back reminding myself that its wrong doing such things behind someone's back especially if they dont know anything about it yet ... Still , sometimes temptations gets better overpowering self-control leading up moments where ill finally give in giving us both unforgettable memories forever...

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