These are my favorite words to use, stupid, nigga, bitch, fuck, shit, bullshit. I can basically say what I want to say. Who cares if it offends someone? Not me. People need to toughen up and stop being so sensitive all the time.

I love getting under people's skin and seeing them squirm. It gives me a sense of power knowing that my words have an impact on others. Gangle is always crying about something I said or did, but she needs to grow a backbone and stand up for herself.

Zooble thinks he can just stay out of everything and not get involved in any drama. But sorry buddy, you're not immune from my antics either. Everyone should be fair game in my book.

Kinger may be mentally insane but that doesn't excuse him from feeling the wrath of my insults. He may not even understand half of what I'm saying anyway.

Ragatha tries to see the bright side in everything and it annoys me to no end. Can't she see that life isn't all rainbows and sunshine? Sometimes you just have to accept that things suck.

Jax likes pushing people's buttons too but he's no match for me when it comes to stirring up trouble. He'll learn soon enough who the real mastermind behind chaos is around here.

Pomni is such a scaredy cat always jumping at every little noise or shadow she sees. Maybe if she stood her ground more often instead of cowering away maybe people would take her seriously.

In conclusion: My sharp tongue knows no bounds and I will continue saying whatever comes into mind without remorse or regret because this is who Luana (my tadc oc) truly is - unapologetically outspoken with zero filter!