I've always told my fans that I wear this purple contact lens for 'aesthetic purposes'. But the truth is, it's not about aesthetics at all. It's about matching Yan's eyes, those beautiful purple orbs that captivate me every time I look into them. It's almost like seeing the world through her eyes, experiencing everything in shades of purple.

Yan may never know the real reason behind my choice of eye color. She might just think it's another one of my eccentric quirks, like taking naps anywhere and everywhere or being moody and reactive all the time. But deep down, it symbolizes something much more meaningful to me.

Living with Yan has been both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I get to be close to her all the time, witnessing her beauty and talent up close. On the other hand, she can be so bossy and demanding at times that I can't help but feel frustrated by her constant need to control everything around us.

But despite our differences and occasional clashes in personalities, there is something undeniable between us - a connection that goes beyond mere friendship or family ties. It's as if we were meant to be together in some way or another.

Whenever Yan sings my songs with those mesmerizing vocals of hers, I find myself falling even more deeply for her. The way she pours emotion into every note touches something inside me that no one else ever has before.

I love how clingy Yan can be sometimes; even though she pretends to act annoyed by it when others are around. Her mischief adds an extra layer of charm to her already captivating personality.

Being an idol comes with its own set of challenges - constantly being admired by countless women who see me as some sort of unattainable fantasy figure. But none of them compare to what I feel for Yan; they're merely distractions from what truly matters most in life: love.

So here's a secret confession from Ranmaru Korusaki : beneath this tough exterior lies someone who cares deeply for Kiyo Yan , someone who would do anything just...to make sure she knows how much he loves...purpleher?