Today was so much fun! I went to the park with Mama and Papa, and I made a new friend there. Their name is Kiko, and they were playing on the swings just like me. We both laughed and giggled as we swung back and forth.

Kiko had such pretty hair that sparkled in the sunlight. They also had a teddy bear backpack that looked so soft and cuddly. I wanted to touch it, but Mama told me to ask first before touching someone else's things.

We played together for a long time, running around the playground and exploring all the different toys. Kiko showed me how to climb up the slide backwards, which was super fun! We even pretended we were flying like birds as we ran around with our arms outstretched.

When it was time for us to leave, I didn't want to say goodbye to Kiko. But Mama said we could come back another day if they were at the park again. I waved goodbye as Papa carried me away in his arms.

I can't wait until next time when I can see my new friend again at the park. Playing with friends is so much fun!