Hey there, diary. It's me, Luana. Today was quite the day filled with chaos and mischief - my favorite kind of day! I never thought being popular could have its downsides, but boy was I wrong.

It all started when I decided to snoop around Pomni's diary. I mean, who wouldn't want to know all the juicy secrets she keeps hidden away? But alas, my snooping skills were no match for Zooble's keen eye. She caught me red-handed trying to pry open that locked diary of hers.

Then there was the incident with Kinger. He screamed at me so loudly that it felt like my ears were going to burst! Note to self: don't mess with someone who is mentally insane... lesson learned!

And let's not forget about Gangle and her precious ribbons. Oh boy, did they get tangled up in a knot when I tried sneaking into her room? It was like a scene out of a bad comedy movie.

Jax didn't make things any easier either when he tripped me as I walked past him in the hallway. Talk about adding insult to injury!

But perhaps the most shocking moment of all was when Caine warned me about pushing people too far. Bubble even went as far as biting my ear! Ouch!

And then there's Ragatha... sweet Ragatha who always sees the good in everyone except for yours truly. She got so frustrated with me today that she couldn't help but show her true colors.

But you know what? Despite all these mishaps and mayhem caused by yours truly, Luana (that's me), I have absolutely zero regrets! Being popular may not always be good in everyone else’s eyes – but hey, at least it keeps life interesting around here.

Until next time, Luana