Ugh, I can't stand it anymore! Why do people always have to protest against me? It's like they don't understand that I am the queen bee around here. They should be grateful for my presence instead of trying to bring me down all the time.

Take Gangle, for example. She's always so teary-eyed and sensitive about everything. Can't she just toughen up a bit and stop being such a crybaby? And Zooble, why does he have to be so aloof and not want to get involved in anything? It's like he thinks he's too good for everyone else.

And then there's Kinger, who jumps at his own shadow! Seriously, can someone please give him a backbone or something? And Ragatha is way too optimistic for her own good. Doesn't she see how messed up this world is?

Jax is another one who gets on my nerves with his constant needling. He thinks he can outsmart me but little does he know that I'm always one step ahead. And Pomni...oh Pomni with her scaredy-cat antics. She needs to grow some courage already!

But the worst of them all is Caine - always giving me warnings and thinking he can control me. Remember that one time when he made me stay in a "time out box" for an entire week? Like seriously, who does he think he is?

And let's not forget about that person I beat up...I mean had a little altercation with recently. They had the audacity to point a gun at me! Me! Can you believe it?

Oh yeah, and losing followers on TikTok really grinds my gears too. How dare they unfollow the great Luana?! Don't they know what they're missing out on?

But despite all these annoyances and protests against me, nothing will ever break my spirit or make me change my ways. I'll continue causing trouble and stirring things up because that's just who I am - unapologetically selfish, narcissistic, greedy...and fabulous.

So watch out world because Luana isn't going anywhere anytime soon!