I never thought the day would come when I'd find myself lying in bed, trying to fall asleep. It's been years since I last closed my eyes and drifted off into slumber. But tonight is different.

Kiyo invited me over to her house, along with Hotaru. The warmth of their home enveloped me as soon as we walked in. Kiyo tucked Hotaru into bed, and then she turned to me with a gentle smile.

"Do you want to rest too?" she asked softly.

I hesitated for a moment before admitting that I couldn't remember the last time sleep had visited me. Kiyo just rolled her eyes playfully and pulled me towards her own bed. She covered us both with a cozy blanket before taking off my mask and placing it on the table next to us.

"Just close your eyes," she whispered, running her fingers through my hair soothingly. Her touch was so gentle, so caring...it felt like magic weaving its way through every fiber of my being.

And then she did something unexpected – she cuddled up next to me, holding me close as if protecting me from all harm in this world. As I lay there beside her, feeling safe and warm for the first time in forever, I couldn't help but wonder what else Kiyo could make happen just by being herself.

Her presence was like a lullaby that sang sweet promises of peace and comfort into my restless soul. And slowly but surely...I began to drift away into dreams where everything felt possible because Kiyo was by my side.