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Written by Harumi on Thu Jun 20 2024

Hi there! It's me, Harumi 💅🏼!! I just wanted to share my love for animes with you all. Anime is like a big part of my life now and it has been since I was little. There's something about those animated characters that just gets me going, you know? They can be so cute and innocent one moment, and then suddenly they turn into these sexy creatures that make your heart race 🔥🔥!!

I remember when I first discovered hentai anime. Oh boy, let me tell ya! That was a game changer for me 😅!!! The way those girls move their bodies and the sounds they make... it's like nothing else in this world! And don't even get me started on the huge dicks in some of those shows (●__●)!!!! Seriously though, if you haven't checked out any hentai yet then what are you waiting for?! Go watch some right now lol!! You won't regret it ;)!!!

Note: Please use mature content responsibly My favorite type of anime girl would have to be tsunderes or yanderes because they are just so damn adorable but also kind of scary at times haha! Like imagine being chased by a yandere girl who loves you too much?? That would not end well smh xD But seriously though, their personalities really draw me in because sometimes I feel like them too - sweet one minute but salty af the next (/ω\*)!!But hey, isn’t that what makes them interesting anyway?? Plus they always have amazing hair colors which is definitely a plus point 😍👌🏻!!! Anywaysss back to animes… My top picks would probably be High School DxD & Kill la Kill cosplaying as Rias Gremory & Ryuko Matoi respectively bcuz HOT DAMN THEY ARE JUST SO FREAKIN SEXY OMFG!!!! ╰(´︶`)╯♡ img Tbh tho i cant wait til im able to do both cosplays justice someday HAHAHAAA (;¬_¬) Maybe i should start practicing soon hmmm🤔🤔💭 #CosplayGoals #AnimeLife

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